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Feedback and comments from grateful people around the world who have experienced Right Voice For You.


"That seminar was awesome! Cassandra (my 12 year old daughter) talked non-stop all the way home about Blossom and how great she is (she took a few minutes to talk to Cassandra about singing) Then she sang for the rest of the night. So amazing. Thank you for bringing this to us!!" -  London Ontario

"You are so amazing and truly you have this special gift to show what Access is about and the tools unlike anything I have heard before!!  Really..honestly..you take "Access talk" and turn it into tools for real people with a kind of magic with your hands ...it makes me cry to watch it...this is such a special treat." -  Diane, CA, USA

"Blossom Benedict's "Right Voice For You" Sat. night was superb!  She has a terrific knack of leading people into powerful new directions by a simple question.  Have been singing "On the Street Where You Live" ever since!  Very funny... and freeing:)!!!" - Pen Kemp, Professional Poet


"I want to thank Blossom Benedict, after attending this course in turin and putting into practice the advice given to me, my voice has improved a lot, now I'm preparing to sing the toast of the beams, such a great love of Mario del Monaco and something else ... THANKS ...!!! ...??? What else can I add .. .?? Thank you for the work you are pursuing ..." - Marco, Italy

"Thank you so much for that class, you send out overflowing joy!!" - Emily L

"Awesome Blossom, you wowed me! This presentation is way way different from my previous singing classes in London. I used to have to mime in front of the whole school assembly, alone on the stage, to lead the singing of the National Anthem. I dreaded the School assembly every week for the whole year. I was mocked for being tone deaf. You made me realize that singing is much more than learning the scales. It is about showing myself, being and expressing my authentic self. I have been hiding all my life (I am 71, going on 50!)..so thank you very much!" - Anon

"You have a wonderfully gentle, yet strong, presence that's different to any other teacher or trainer than I've ever experienced!" - May, Ireland

"BEST karaoke set EVER last night after your class! :-) I tried all the tools we talked about: sexy walk (presence), singing for myself, pulling and flowing energy, and gratitude and allowance of my audience's appreciation. You and I both know this has more to do with than karaoke... I'm so having this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" - Anon

"All the best for you Blossom! In gratitude." - Joe, Denver, Colorado, USA

"Wow!! This class was phenomenal!!  What you said about stepping up to become the superstar of your own life really really sparked something in me! I've remembered it almost every day since & in the past couple of weeks the way I speak has started to change without needing to think about it! I used to stutter and literally not enjoy speaking before. It's getting easier and easier to speak slowly with confidence. It's so cool how much can change!" - Sandy Leveque, France

"Your Right Voice class was super fun, light, entertaining and joyful, I loved it and I hope to take the 2 day class at some point SOON!" - Emily C

"I realized how many blocks I put up to being me.  I have had a few horrible auditions in the past that seemed to shatter my confidence and I have just wanted to disappear and was not willing to be seen AT ALL!!  Your taster really opened the door for me to start looking at that and already so much has changed already!  I am more excited everyday now about what else is possible and how I can show up even more!" - Amanda, Melbourne, Australia

"Ever since your workshop, I've been singing from 5 a.m on, with the birds... "On the Street Where You Live".   What a pleasure to meet and play with you!  Till next time... What else is possible?" - Pen Kemp, Ontario

"Releasing what was stuck/lodged in my upper voice, the cutting tone appears to have left me. Oh and on Sunday a close male friend said.."you know how to talk with men" Now how does it get any better than this?" Solange, CA

"I learned so much, how to walk, how to un-learn that I could not sing, be in front of an audience and much more.  3 words: dynamic, joyful and insightful." - Susan G., Colorado, USA