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Dolza Chiara

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Name: Dolza Chiara
Phone: +393472905698
Address: corso Indipendenza 109
Rivarolo Canavese
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Chiara is a wonderer. She has always had an exceptional curiosity, a desire of knowing more, perceiving more and exploring more. This desire of discovery started when she was a little child and she got bored in the 'normal' Italian daycare and so her mom brought her in a French one, just for her, just for fun!

And this was the beginning of her amazing capacities with languages.....she is not only able to speak fluently 5 different languages, but actually her capacities of communication go beyond. Her ability of using her eyes and her body to communicate and intrigue people are kind of magic and goes beyond what we are used to in this reality. Simply looking her straight into her eyes allow people to shift and change their energy, going beyond the trauma and drama of their lives.

Her curiosity brought her to studying Art History and Cultural Heritage and to increase even more her natural elegance and raffinate sense of hestetic.

"What delicious, wild, adventurous choices do YOU have available that no one else has? And what else can you now choose?"

Saying she is a normal mom of three powerful kids would be a contraction and a reduction of what she is with her children. The way parenting works in this reality didn't match at all her view and so she chooses everyday to not be a mom, but to be that energy of caring, presence, play and fun with no point of view that is allowing her children to be and choose whatever they desire. And allowing her to travel the world too!

The world is Chiara's playground. She doesn't know what playing small means, she has the capacity to see something small and bring it into the world at a global level. Her awareness of what is possible beyond the bounderies and limitations of countries and languages is what makes the difference.

Chiara discovered the tools of Access Consciousness in 2012 and since then she became not only a live translator for Access Consciousness but also a Certified Facilitator in 2016. The way she uses the tools to facilitate people, together with her sense of humor and her ability to perceive subtle energies, are off the charts. She is able to show people a total different way of functioning in this reality, she is always willing to present a different point of view and yet allowing others to be whatever they're choosing in that very moment. Chiara's kindness is what really changes the universe of everyone that is around her!

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