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Fiona Cutts

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Name: Fiona Cutts
Phone: 07903019461
Address: 1 Crossley Street Longfield Road
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Hello beautiful you!

Thank you for coming to my page!

Would you love to show up more in your life?
Are you fed up of not being seen and heard?
Or are you an actor / singer / musician / performer who knows there must be more ease and joy in being on stage?

The processes of Right Voice for You have changed my voice and my life in so many ways it's almost unbelievable!!!

I have spent most of my life hiding away, afraid of being seen and heard - and at the same time being angry about not being seen and heard!

All of this "imploded" in serious chronic illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - and finding my voice, daring (and even enjoying!) being seen has been one of the threads of my recovery journey!

Fear of public speaking actually dominated my professional life as an accountant in the corporate world and the International Red Cross.

Every time I had to give a talk, or present something, it would ruin my life for weeks beforehand and weeks afterwards! I would obsess about the presentation, spending ages preparing it, thinking that if I could find the right words, everything would be all right! I would then go through the details of my "humiliation" for weeks afterwards.............

As well as hiding my voice, I hid my body. During a talk, I would prefer to be behind a lectern, a table - anything that didn't allow me to be seen! And outside of that, I would hide under baggy clothing, and shrink into my smallest self (I am physically small - and it's not to do with that!!!)

Nowadays, I enjoy being seen, I love being heard - and I love these amazing Right Voice for You classes!

For me, they have literally transformed my voice, in that I have now found I can sing. That, however, is the least of it - they have transformed my life too!

The simple way of saying it is that i show up as me way more in my life! I enjoy being me, and allowing that to be seen by people!

Would you like some of that too?

Check out my class schedule.#

And if you don't see a class that suits you, then please contact me and I will see what I can arrange.

Class Date Location Facilitator
Right Voice For You: Outshine Your Shy 9/Apr/2017 Cork, Ireland Fiona Cutts
Right Voice For You: Outshine Your Shy 28/May/2017 Denmark Fiona Cutts