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★ Greater Than Yesterday Screening

Greater Than Yesterday is a beautiful 30 minute inspiration film that features the tools of Access Consciousness... and it is all about you!

You may laugh. You may cry. And you just may discover something about the greatness you have within you as well.

Trailer #1- Are you too ___?

A note from the film's creator, Blossom Benedict
"I made this film really because I wanted to live on a more joyful planet. One where people were truly alive and showing up in their lives.

I know so many people who are playing it safe every day. Or playing a bit part in the film called their life. They life they really should be starring in!

I spent a lot of my life truly hungering for the freedom to let people see me. The funny me. The imperfect me. The me that only my close friends, my bedroom walls or those accompanying my on a tipsy night out were privy to.

I had grown up striving for perfection, only to find out what I actually longed for was presence.

If you have any sort of niggling within you that you are here to inspire and it is time to really show up… well, I hope this may be just the beginning of you unfolding to even more possibilities of you.”

Join an Access Consciousness Facilitator or Practitioner for a screening of this unique film, and enjoy the conversation, connection, ah has and moments of change that ensue.

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Prerequisites: none
Facilitator: ilenya Debattista
Date: 17/Apr/2017 - 17/Apr/2017
Location: tba, Malta

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