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Right Voice For You - 1 Day Workshop

Would you like to have a more powerful and dynamic presence in your business?

Have you always known you could sing but been unsure or afraid?

Do you have a performance career that has plateaued and you just know more is possible?

Do you judge your voice rather than enjoy it?

If changing your voice required changing your life, and you would be willing, this workshop is for you!

In this 1 day live workshop you will begin to explore to:
* Adopt the beliefs, identity and attitudes of masterful speakers and performers
* Identify and change the obstacles that may be holding you back in your singing
* Banish stage fright and performance anxiety
* Be totally comfortable being YOU in front of an audience of any size
* Increase your charisma, confidence and personal magnetism
* Become a storyteller
* Quiet your mind to be totally in the present and spontaneous in your
performance (and life!)
* Walk and move in a way which will open doors for you in the world.
* Learn to be "direct without force" and watch your life become easy!

These tools are NOT just for performers. If you have been demanding that you be a greater force in the world, this workshop just may be for you.

Please feel free to bring a monologue or a song if you have something in particular you would like to work on. It need not be polished-- just a tune you remember.

This class is a taste of what is explored in the full 2.5 day workshops. Come prepared for change.

Class details

Prerequisites: none
Facilitator: Kamila Dolota
Date: 7/May/2017 - 7/May/2017
Time: 09:30-17:30
Location: Studio Pilates
Powsińska 106
Warszawa, Poland
Cost: 1200 zł

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