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Right Voice For You - Master Class with Blossom Benedict

Would you like to play bigger? To get your ideas into the world? To claim your voice? To be more present and vulnerable with others? To have confidence and ease on a stage, in a boardroom or even in family conversation?

Right Voice For You is a workshop which uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness to step people out of their stories and judgments and into the energy they truly be. And fast!

What would it be like if you were willing to be you in totality in front of others, with no judgment of you... and enjoy it? Would the whole world change?


These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from creating, singing, writing, speaking, and communicating in your own voice, allowing you to have and be more of YOU!

In this 3 day live workshop you will learn to:

* Identify and change the obstacles that may be holding you back in your life
* Banish stage fright and performance anxiety
* Be totally comfortable being YOU in front of an audience of any size
* Increase your charisma, confidence and personal magnetism
* Adopt the beliefs, identity and attitudes of masterful speakers and performers
* Become the natural storyteller you truly be
* Quiet your mind to be totally in the present and spontaneous in your performance (and life!)
* Walk and move in a way which will open doors for you in the world.
* Learn to be "direct without force" and watch your life become easy!

The magic of Right Voice For You is its ability to assist people in letting go of judgments and conclusions that have stifled them and their creative voice. The beauty of these tools is you don't have to know what's keeping you stuck. You don't have to know why things aren't working; you just have to be willing to consider a different possibility.

Blossom Benedict is a singer, actress, international voice coach and Access Facilitator. Her unique workshops combine some of the finest voice-coaching techniques with simple, yet dynamic tools and processing developed by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness™. Unlock the barriers to being in front of an audience and "break through" to the powerful, dynamic, spontaneous, and listened to voice in the world that is truly you!

What others are saying:

How does one even begin to describe the power and potency of this class?? I had NO idea what was in store for me personally, as well as all the beautiful beings that chose to come... all we knew was that it was time to bring down the barriers to showing up and being seen and heard in a way we've never experienced before....and it was AWESOME!!!!!

The fear, panic and judgment we had about being in front of others dissolved in mere minutes with Blossom's exceedingly skillful facilitation. She has an incredible gift in being able to hone in on the core stuff that is locking you up from freely expressing yourself. She took us to places we never DREAMED we could go! The biggest "Ah ha" moment was realizing all you had to be willing to "do" is "BE" yourself without judgment and you could do anything up there on stage!! Sing, dance, cry, be silly, crack jokes and even be silent and just "be the energy" of what you'd like to express!

What an incredible gift to witness the joy of discovering its enough to just "BE" !!! SOOOO much gratitude for Blossom, facilitator extraordinaire, for making it so FUN and EXPANSIVE!!!!! Karolyn McKinley

Right Voice For You really creates the space to have people choose something new. It’s unlike any other class I've come across in Access or anywhere! Laurie Stansberry

Thank you for the class in Seattle, it was really fun, exiting, uncomfortable and Great! I loved that this class showed me how easy change can be....if I choose. And also, the reminder to be kind to my self even when not choosing all I know I could choose (:

You are truly a kind and caring facilitator...to see you facilitate showed me how easy and light facilitation can be without force, expectations or any conclusions. To "just" be space. Thank you! Goril, Sweden

Thank you again for the amazing class Right Voice class in Seattle. I think my invisibility shield is down. I had more people strike up conversations with me as I traveled home than in just about all my previous life travel combined. And I enjoyed chatting with them with ease. My husband is noticing a big change in my looks and energy. You and the class created so much space for me to choose to step into more of me that taking the leap was way more easeful than I could have imagined. Kristen T.

I LOVE Blossom Benedict.... she's wonderful... did a miracle for my singing voice:)... are you attending?" Hope you do! Penn Kemp

Thank you beautiful for Right Voice for You! Uh- as someone said yesterday- I've kind of exploded! I am having more fun, more ease with relationships, business is taking off- I created an event that is in more demand than I can meet ( at the moment- creating structures to have it work for me and be a contribution) Laurie, Colorado

Thank you so much for facilitating RVFY here. I know this was only the beginning for me and how does it get better? I am singing in my car now and really having fun applying everything I am learning on my own stage of Life. Who knew life could be so much fun! Eric, Colorado

Class details

Prerequisites: None
Facilitator: Blossom Benedict
Date: 20/May/2017 - 22/May/2017
Time: Registration 8:30am (Day 1) | Class 9:30am-5:3pm
Location: To be announced
Tokyo, Japan
Cost: $1400 USD | Attendees of RVFY 2.5 day within 2 years $950 USD repeat
What would be different if you stopped judging you?

We would love for you to get a taste of what goes on in a Right Voice For You Workshop so we created an inspiring film to give you just that!

To watch, go to:


ABOUT THE CLASS - New Class Name & New Schedule!
This class recently changed from being the Right Voice For You 2.5 Day Workshop to being 3 days with a new name -
Right Voice For You Master Class!

This class asked for a new, more fitting name so it got it. It truly is THE Master Class in the Right Voice series and is a totally unique and life-changing experience. We added extra time as we found 2.5 days simply wasn't enough. You will be one of the very first groups to experience this class in it's new form!

Registration - May 20 | 8:30 am
Class - May 20-22 | 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

To be announced

Options coming soon!

Let Meredith or Emiko know if you require translation.

Emiko Watanabe - emiko11968@gmail.com
Meredith Locher - meredith@blossombenedict.com

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