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Right Voice For You - Breakthrough Intro

If changing your voice required changing your life... would you be willing?

Right Voice For You is a workshop which uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness to assist people (singers, business people, house wives, writers, actors') with finding and sharing their voice with the world. These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from singing, writing, speaking, or communicating in your own voice.

The magic of Right Voice For You is its ability to assist people in letting go of judgments and conclusions that have stifled them and their creative voice. The beauty of these tools is you don't have to know what's keeping you stuck. You don't have to know why things aren't working; you just have to be willing to consider a different possibility.

This intro class will give you tools and clearings to begin unraveling this area of you life so you can have more of you in any area of your life.

Class details

Prerequisites: None
Facilitator: Yasodhara Romero Fernandes CF, RVFY Fac.
Date: 7/Apr/2017 - 7/Apr/2017
Time: 19:00
Location: Landhaus Kennerknecht
Im Wurzach 1
87534 Oberstaufen, Germany
Cost: 70€
Notes: Translation to GERMAN possible!

It is possible to come to the venue by car - exactly way discribtion would be sent

by train - we pick up people by the train station (we are 7 km away from the trainstation) - the station is called: Oberstaufen

by plain - you can choose airport: Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Munich, Stuttgart or Zürich

We can help by finding the best accomodation for everybody and have some rooms available in our landhotel: www.landhaus-kennerknecht.de

Host Ingrid Huettenrauch


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